Designing websites in my spare time as a bit of a hobby, I am completely self taught and have a few similar friends who I discuss ideas with.

Very much work with the people I have designed sites for and ensure that they have a site they are happy about and has the information they want.



Once you have decided you have a need for a website the planning in many ways this is the most important stage of the project. We will discuss and suggest options and ideas ensuring your site is done your way, including form, fit and function. Once we are agreed and have worked out a domain name we can progress with creating your site.


This is where we require text, photos, logos, content to place in the site and we will work with you to ensure they are the correct size, location and the detail is correct.


This is where all those ideas start to be implemented and once the original concept is completed we will review. This allows us to have a view of thoughts and improve looks and locations. We can also discuss the further development for the site for present and future

Test & Deliever

This is where we move it from our servers to be sitting on your own domain, set up email addresses and configure any final parts. Including Google Analytics so that tracking your visitors can be requested. We'll submit the site to several search engines, and help you to start promoting it via social media.


Website Design

We create all of our websites from scratch to suit each client. No templates, nothing pre-built: everything is centred around your business, your brand, your target market.

Social Media

More than half the country has a Facebook account and the majority of these use it daily. We can help you build your social presence and tap into this massive market. 


If handling your hosting we can setup multiple email addresses for your domain i.e. We can also set you up with webmail or mobile phone access to make your email accessible.

Website Devlopment

With your ideas confirmed we'll then work some magic tomake you site come to life. Including the functionality of moving menus, gallery slideshows and contact forms.


Good search engine performance is a combination of website code and ongoing content updates, we take care of the tricky stuff and do what we can to keep you at the top of google for your site.


You will require a domain or web address for people to come to for viewing your newly designed site. We can handle setting this up and launching it upon the world.

Website Design

If you had a site built elsewhere and you're not completely happy with it we can rebuild it. Whether from the ground up or just some small tweaks, we'll make sure you're happy with your revamped site.

Logos and Branding

The most inmortant part of your company or site is your logo and branding. It's essential to get these right from the start to build customer confidence and loyalty to your company.

3rd Party Hosting

Hosting is server space linked to you domain account which makes your website visable. As with domains this can be rather confusing for new comers so we can handle the process for you.